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Bootstrap Blockchain Development

KryptoPal provides essential building blocks and tools to develop blockchain applications and allow your applications to connect with the other applications in the global network.

Developer Benefits

KryptoPal addresses the current problems restricting widespread adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies by creating an all encompassing platform that abstracts current market solutions into a singular toolset. Application providers can customize and integrate this toolset into their existing applications, rather than forcing users to adopt new applications altogether.

Reducing barriers to use blockchains
With KryptoPal you can deploy and connect nodes to the blockchain within minutes, reducing costs, and development resources needed for the adoption of blockchain technology.
Solving crypto latency issues
KryptoPal-Powered applications can open a revolutionary off-chain payment channel that will use the cutting edge uRaiden (an extension of Ethereum) network to provide real-time, zero fee transactions.
Interconnecting applications globally
Providing a new connective fabric for different applications to transact with one another. This fabric is a set of endpoints that are abstracted to use application protocols and trigger blockchain functions.
Smart contract interactions
SC applications can be integrated into an existing application by abstracting the communication between the blockchain and a client, pivoting it towards a decentralized architecture.
Unified identity management
The global and local identity endpoint that allows for reading from the provider or user registries. This can be used to allow for address book functionalities or application-to-application interactions.
Integrative and expandable
KryptoPal platform will be integrated with uRaiden, Civic, IPFS and Plasma solutions. It is simple, safe and secure to use. Cross application integration would give access to consumers to transact globally.

Build and Connect to the Decentralized World

Use Cases

If a bank or financial service provider has their own mobile app and they want to provide crypto related services to their consumers, they can simply integrate our SDK and facilitate all these features. See below for sample screens:

A bank app is integrated with our SDK here.

The KryptoPal button is present once the app is integrated.

Various features are available for the consumers to perform crypto transactions.

How a financial app provider performs money transfer transactions using our SDK

If a bank has their own mobile or web app and they want to offer money transfer services to their consumers, they can simply integrate our SDK and facilitate this service. Please see below for sample screens:

A bank app called FinPay is integrated with, and powered by KryptoPal’s SDK.

A bank consumer Bob decides to send $1,000 to his designer in India.

Our SDK automatically converts $1,000 to ETH and allows him to send the payment.

Bob can select his designer, Ms. Rani Patel from his contacts list and send the ETH.

Ms. Patel can use her wallet app PaisaPay in India (which is powered by KryptoPal) and see the transaction.

Ms. Patel can transfer ETH into her local wallet and fiat currency (63,000 INR).

How gaming apps can accept cryptocurrency

Games application providers can integrate our SDK and provide cryptocurrency transaction features as shown below:

A game application is integrated with KryptoPal‘s SDK.

Users can buy points and other features using cryptocurrency instead of their credit card when playing the game.

Users now have the new payment option i.e. to pay using KryptoPal’s cryptocurrency token: KPX.

How eCommerce apps can accept cryptocurrency as an additional payment method

eCommerce application providers can integrate our SDK and provide cryptocurrency transaction features as shown below:

Nancy is shopping on her favorite ecommerce app, which is integrated and powered with KryptoPal.

Nancy finished her online shopping, added all items to her cart and is ready to pay.

Because the app is integrated with KryptoPal Nancy has a new payment option i.e. to pay using our cryptocurrency KPX token. Simple!

How KryptoPal Powered app consumers transact with each other globally

Bob lives in the USA and Alice lives in Mexico: Bob is sending $500 USD to Alice and if both are using their favorite local mobile apps powered by KryptoPal, they can transfer cryptocurrency in seconds within the apps:

Step 1: When Bob initiates the transfer of $500 USD to Alice, the money is automatically converted into the equivalent amount of ETH (Ether).

Step 2: Alice receives the equivalent amount of ETH in seconds into her local mobile app.

Step 3: Alice can transfer these ETH into her local bank account using her favorite mobile app. The conversion process from ETH to Mexican Pesos will be done within the app.




“I think this new cryptocurrency donation channel will be a great additional help for us to raise funds in our priority areas, especially when it comes to providing healthcare services and nutritious food to children in need. KryptoPal’s solution will give us an edge.”

Harriet Smith

Field Manager of help2kids
“While this blockchain platform will give students immediate access to their digital identity and enable them the freedom to manage and own their personal records, it will also yield huge savings for universities – money better spent on providing quality education,”

Mohanned Al-Anni

Co-Founder of Gulf University
““It’s common knowledge among the HR industry that pre-employment background checks are simply insufficient as standalone tools for vetting. We have decided to work with KryptoPal to build a platform that will utilise smart contract technology”

Jo Lynn Clemens

I’ve Been Vetted CEO & Founder
“I’m very excited about the university’s plans to implement this new, innovative system as it will be a huge part of my professional future after graduation. This innovation will make my life easier as I can manage and store all my academic information securely on the blockchain, like a verifiable LinkedIn which I can have with me and build on for the rest of my career,”

Habib Ahmed Juma

one of the first students to ever be granted full sovereignty over his academic information on the blockchain