The Platform for Mass Adoption

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Easily create websites, applications, POS systems, and IOT devices with blockchain technology: for free.


Bootstrap Blockchain Development

KryptoPal provides essential building blocks and tools to develop blockchain applications and allow applications to connect with the other applications in the global network.

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KryptoPal addresses the current problems restricting widespread adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies by creating an all encompassing platform that abstracts current market solutions into a singular toolset. Application providers can customize and integrate this toolset into their existing applications, rather than forcing users to adopt new applications altogether.

Reducing barriers to use blockchains

Deploy and connect nodes to the blockchain within minutes, reducing costs, and development resources needed for the adoption of blockchain technology.

Solving cryptocurrency latency issues

KryptoPal-Powered applications can open a revolutionary off-chain payment channel that will use the cutting edge uRaiden (an extension of Ethereum) network to provide real-time, zero fee transactions.

Interconnecting applications globally

Providing a new connective fabric for different applications to transact with one another. This fabric is a set of endpoints that are abstracted to use application protocols and trigger blockchain functions.

Smart contract interactions

Any smart contract based application can be integrated into an existing application by abstracting the communication between the blockchain and a client, pivoting it towards a decentralized architecture.

Unified identity management

The global and local identity endpoint that allows for reading from the provider or user registries. This can be used to allow for address book functionalities or application-to-application interactions.

Integrative and expandable

KryptoPal platform will be integrated with uRaiden, Civic, IPFS and Plasma solutions. It is simple, safe and secure to use. Cross application integration would give access to consumers to transact globally.

Use Cases

KryptoPal SDK gives the ability for all mainstream applications such as Games, Wallets, eCommerce, Travel etc., to integrate easily into their applications and offer blockchain / cryptocurrency related transactions within their application.



Cryptocurrency on your financial app

Money Transfer

Money Transfers

Transfer cryptocurrency on your financial app

Gaming App

Gaming apps

Use cryptocurrency in gaming apps



Online purchases using cryptocurrency

Mobile App

Mobile apps

Global user to user crypto-transactions

Web App

Web apps

Global web transactions


Point of Sale (PoS)

Consumer rewards

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Crypto-transactions on the IoT